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Prices & Speeds

We offer four packages at varying rates and speeds to fit your needs.



 per month

100/50 Mbps



 per month

500/250 Mbps



 per month

250/100 Mbps



 per month

1000/500 Mbps


Why Fiber?


Speed of light fast.

Fiber optic cable carries data literally at the speed of light. Get up to 1,000 Mbps (1 Gig!). Marshall County Fiber will make your old connection feel like dial-up.


Fiber can handle that Indiana weather.

It's unaffected by radio wave interference, can be submerged in water without issue and is not as susceptible to harsh temperatures. Fiber does not waver with strong winds, cloudy skies, or heavy rainfall. That kind of reliability helps deliver excellent quality internet, video, and phone!


Fiber can protect you from internet thieves!

Fiber optic cable keeps data secure. It is very difficult to tap into and gather data without alerting our network operations team to an attack.


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